Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catching the Moment

So in Intro to 2D Animation last week, we had to gesture drawings. Though instead of having a single nude model we used each member of the class as (clothed) models. We got to chose our pose and the instructor chose our times. Though some got the fun full 5 minutes (myself included) while others got easy 30 second poses. When I did my pose I did an angry pose with one foot on a chair, and my hand doing that weird evil "POWER" hand. I dunno. I scanned in my two favorites;
The face isn't my best, but this was a quick 30 seconds sketch. The form itself is really nice too bad the band looks very bad. But I really like the form.

This one was easily my best one and the first one. We was given a few minutes, but you'd be amaze how quick minutes go when you know you're timed. I like the gravity of this one, and the feel of the girl, who's a friend of mine Vash.

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