Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Adventures of Gummi Bears

This is a sequel projects from last weeks in Character and Object Design. Last week we had to pick a pop culture character and make a turn-around sheet, this week we have to character a character that would fit in that universe. Each of us had a base we had to use depending on the character, an example was the guy who choose Bart Simpson, had to create a replacement for milhouse. For myself since Gusto is an artist the character had to be one of his pieces that comes to life and becomes a character. We had to make 3 designs or characters. I made 2 pages of 3 (totalling 6) but the scanner only picked up 4 of them (well enough) for me to post.

Here are 4 of the 6, as well as little "episodes" I thought up that could be their introduction.
Sir Fitz Gibbon, a royal knight of the ancient Gummies. Gibbon is courageous, strong, and agile everything that you would want in a knight. Though he because he takes the rules of chivalry to the fullest his actions seem unbalanced. Sir Fitz Gibbon is known today by the Gummi Glen Gummies as a Gummi who slayed a dragon and saved a human girl. Though the original Fitz Gibbon is 100's of years old, this is a stone double, and when it comes to life, he thinks he is the original and on the mission to save the human girl.

In my mind he is from the episode "The Knight of the Night", where Gusto was inspired by one of Zummi's ancient Gummi stories from the Great Book of Gummi and wanted to make a tribute to him. Cubbi mentions to Gusto that he forgot to sculpt a Gummi Medallion like in the picture in the book, they take Zummi's magical Gummi Medallion and place it on the statue bringing him to life. Fitz Gibbon then runs off to save a princess from a dragon, Gusto and Cubbi run after him to make sure he doesn't get smashed along with the medallion.

Sir Fitz Gibbon's name is based off a real white knight during the Queen Elizabeth reign, Edmund Fitzgibbon.
Gloomi, though looking she looks like Sunni, she has the complete opposite personality as her. Always angry and doesn't want to be near anyone due to her heart being stone. She was originally a birthday statue sculpted by Gusto for Sunni's birthday, in till Zummi accidental hits the statue with a spell bringing her to life.

I see Gloomi being featured in an episode called, "Sunni, with a Slight Chance of Gloomi" in which it is Sunni's birthday. All the Gummies go out of their way to give Sunni the best birthday, Gusto made her a statue of herself as a princess, Cubbi & Tummi made her a cake, Zummi has been practicing a fire works spell, as well as the other Gummies decorating. Grammi made her a Princess costume, something Sunni always wanted. Zummi's mispronounces his fireworks spell and brings Gusto's statue to life. The gummies have a hard time telling the two twins apart.

Though its obvious, the name of the "episode" and the character are weather puns on Sunny, and Gloomy.
Nicol the Nome, is a nome who has the ability to control statues. Nicol is a selfish and lazy nome who looks for ways of terrorizing people the easiest for himself.

I see him as a villian for the episode, "Between a Gummi and a Hard Place" or "Theres No Place Like Nome" in which he finds Gusto's workshop and takes control of his stone pieces. Then tries to find the Gummi responsible though he thinks it is Sunni because of sketches mistaken as self portraits.

Nicol's name is much more obscure than the others, his name is based off the actor who played the Nome King in Disney's Return to Oz, Nicol Williams. The second episode title idea is based off a phrase used in the original Wizard of Oz.
Ezili, is a sorceress Gummi who once ran supreme, but lost to even stronger sorceress and was trapped into the realm of dreams. She is very narcissus and thinks of her self gain. When she get minions she treats them as if their toys, and her misbehavior to them is only rivaled by Duke Igthron and Lady Bane. She has a enchanted kiss that leaves any male under her spell until the kiss mark is wiped off. Her new body was created by enchanted Gusto using special clay.

Though I looked as this character as a reoccurring villain, the first episode idea was "My Gummi's Keeper". She comes to Gusto in a dream and he believes he has found the girl of his dreams literally. He is told by the girl to create a statue in her honor and she'll come to him, but he has to special clay. Once the clay sculpture is done she comes back to the world. The other Gummies snap Gusto out of his trance. Though Ezili would escape at the end of the episode, Gusto would take the blame of bringing her back, which is something Gruffi wouldn't let him soon forget.

My Gummi's Keeper is a joke on a phrase I heard, "My Brother's Keeper". Ezili is a Fon Goddess of Beauty and Love.

The other two characters were Trough a gargoyle Gummi who loves to fight, and who Gusto makes a statue of after seeing a drawing of Gummies flying. Levid a monster that haunts Gusto's dreams, but after Gusto has some sleepless nights Zummi puts him under a spell, which winds up putting Gusto to sleep and his dreams to life.

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