Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sorry for Partyin'

A little ways back I got in contact with one of my favorite bands (ever) Bowling for Soup, an American pop-punk band from Dallas, Texas and has such hits as Girl All the Bad Guys Want, 1985, Punk Rock 101, High School Never Ends,When We Die, and My Wena. I decided to draw cartoons of the band members and send it to them through Myspace (back when it was big) and I got a reply from Erik Chandler (bass, vocals) and asked for my email.

Jaret Reddick and a cartoon I did of him.

I got a email from the lead singer Jaret Reddick about possibility of doing artwork for the band, which I jumped on as soon as I could. The result was I got to do a digital illustration for the band's 15th Anniversary! The drawing of the band members blowing out a cake that I did would appear on 2 t-shirts, 1 Anniversary Poster, and a tour date poster. The Anniversary poster is signed by all 4 band members, with "Steven, Thanks 4 Everything!" next to Jaret's face.

The merchandise with my drawing.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Jaret messaged me on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and my cake has managed to make it's way in the booklet for their 1oth album, "Sorry for Partyin'" which was released yesterday October 13th! Go out and buy it! And don't pirate it! Cause then you won't get my drawing. Here's the page;

My cake along with pictures of the band's kids birthday.

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