Thursday, November 5, 2009


The following video is the rough stage of my final for Intro to 2D Animation. There is no sound at the moment, but that will be fixed once I figure out who wants to voice act for it and when Miles a finishes the music. The animation is roughly a minute long.

It might not make much since without the dialogue written for it. But the basic plot is that Emmons wants to see Space Samurai, and his girlfriend calls him (while he's asleep) that she made a date for them as it is their anniversary at the same time. He watches the film instead, but the film is canceled. His girlfriend calls and dumps him.

I like to note that his face doesn't turn red, it turns transparent and that the red couch only gives it that illusion. The reason for this is because the frames are not colored in.

The white sketches will be replace with a the clean drawings you see in the first part. And things can and will probably change from this. This is just a rough to help me with timing, and placing. That is the reason why some items disappear and reaper when needed.

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