Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bink Walking

So I was just introduced to the Bone Tool in CS4 the past session of Motions and Concepts. And I'm still not sure if I like it or not. A lot of my class members have taken a liking to it, but only because its convenient.

I've actually had an argument about with one of them. See I've learned that the school I go to isn't really teaching me the basics of animation, graphic design, or anything like that. They're just showing the quick short cuts that get things done. That is great n' all but I think that for all this convenience we're sacrificing quality.

Well let me explain the bone tool. Basically you draw the arm one time, then use the bone tool to create joints. So basically you can rotate the arm from the elbow, wrist, or where ever you put the "joint axis" at. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? If your doing something strictly 2D. Because this doesn't work in the 3rd plane; horizontal and vertical.

Nevlana Limited's 6teen

Do not get me wrong, I like to watch the show; the television show is completely flash based; and I believe they are using tweens and boning. Its perfect for the style; and I enjoy animating in the style myself. Its fast and fun. But I feel something is lost when doing so; something that made animation feel alive.

But here is my walk cycle I did using a similar technique;

Me n a couple of friends are going to make series; and the character above will be one of the main character. I'll explain more on that in a later time.

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