Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Deviant Action

Alright so I decided to get a Deviantart. I know that if I keep avoiding certain social networking sites I'm going to alienate huge possibilities. The only reasons I don't like deviantart are;

Your 15 minutes of fame is shorten to around .15 of a second because of how large the site's population is. I think the population is the sites biggest strength and weakness.

If you don't already have a bunch of followers/watches, then you're completely invisible. If you finally get a leg up, your set though. The best way I've seen is if you draw either Sonic the Hegehog (or a color variation of the character/s) or Naruto making out with one of the 20 female leads in his show; and you post it with a different background ever day for a week, you'll reel in a bunch of people.

You have to pay to use all the fun features. And I don't have money! Haha.

I used to have a strong affiliation with the competitor site Sheezyart. But that was before I was so complete concerned for a professional look. But ever since Sheezy started to add features you have to pay, change the layout, change the upload style, and countless of other things I've lost interest in the site.

You know this is a pretty long blog just to plug myself on my new deviant art. To go to it, Click Here

Also, I'll probably be making a Youtube with the same name, "StevenRayBrown". Yea BRANDING!

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