Sunday, November 1, 2009

Space Samurai

Space Samurai came to me yesterday as I was trying to think of what would be the greatest movie ever. And then I though SAMURAI'S IN SPACE! Then someone said, "So Jedai's?" "CRAP!" Then I thought about it, wait, some people would say Star Wars is the greatest movie ever.

Basically, I wanted to make a fictional movie to be on a cover of a TV GUIDE magazine in a flash I am doing for Intro to 2D Animation. I call the short Movie Date, and the story is about a kid named Emmons (loosely based off an old roommate of mine) who's a couch potatoe who can't wait for the greatest movie ever that is going to air at 7. That movie is now "Space Samurai".

Flint Spacewood, and Princess Panera of "Space Samurai"

Flint Spacewood is based off a Jedai, Samruai Jack, and Clint Eastwood. Why Clint Eastwood? Cause I thought it'd be funny. But according to my friend Tristan there is a Japanese version of Eastwood who did all the Samurai movies, so that could be a tribute to that as well.

Princess Panera is based off Princess Leia, Betty Page, and the color Purple. The name is from the restaurant Panera Bread, and because Panera sounds like it could be an alien name. Penera's character was going to be used in the short "Panera" which was originally going to be made for this class, but I couldn't get her design to not look generic.

Obvious the picture above was inspired by the Star Wars' movie poster. I'm starting to think I put way to much effort into this, as it will only appear for few seconds in the actual short as a Title card-type of scene.

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