Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monster Date: Opoda Pt 1

Alright so, here's a new short idea that came to me the other day, and I might do it soon, for my Intermediate 2D class instead of ALOHA Plush, because I might be forced to be with a partner. Here's hoping there is an odd number.

Monster Date is a short that is about two monsters who go to a fancy restaurant. One of the monsters is Opoda, an large lady monsters with octopus like hair. She comes off as a fancy, lady-like, and cute monster but once the food is on the table, she becomes a real monster eating everything on site. While she doesn't see this as being rude or nasty, the date burbs and she is disgusted by it.

This is one of the few I idea's I've had recently that has no base on reality. Opoda isn't based on anyone at all. Here are the first sketches of Miss Opoda;

I wanted Opoda to be fat but still very appealing. I've seen some women who under most people's standards being fat, but hold their weight beautifully. This is the core idea I had with Opoda. I don't know, this is something I think I enjoy drawing, maybe it just something that hits home with me.

Also as you can see above, I was playing around with the idea that she doesn't have arms, but instead uses her hair, which could possible be her hands all the long to grab food (rapidly).

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