Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sketch Dump

This is for the 9 individuals who actually read this blog, this is to make up for the lack of updates. I am aiming to update more, even if it is just a Friday and Sunday updates for a while. Those are off days for me, as well as Saturdays.

The follow are a few among many sketches and doodles I have done during school and boredom:

In Red (Left/Top) is Emmons, a character from my Movie Date short. Movie Date was a okay short, but due to the audio quality I chose not to post it. If I decide to fix it up, I'll release it later on.

In Teal (Right/Top) is a friend of mine's character Virgil. He's a albino raccoon who thinks he is a super hero. She asked me to draw him, and this is the result.

In Pink (Left) is a radical t-rex. This was an early early drawing of a character I did for my Character and Object Design class with Donald Stout. Basically, I made a joke about how we should do a cast of characters based off food puns such as "Break-Fist" and "Candi". Well everyone took it and ran with it. So I did an skateboarding dinosaur as a sidekick to Break-Fist, just because. He was suppose to be 80's expired.

In Blue Tinted Purple (Middle) is an early draft of Zombie Slayer Penny. I decided to not use this sketch because it didn't feel like Penny. I decided to go with a much more cut pin-up style pose.

In Orange/Red (Right) is Gusto from Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears tv series. He's one of my favortie characters. I really want to a fan art of him, but can't get anything I find is deserving of digitally painting.

In Pink titned Purple (Left Bottom) is Bink from an up coming series I am working on called Renzetti High. More on that in the near future.

In Cyan (Right Bottom) is two characters based on myself and Topher. Obviously I'm the beautiful one. This would've been a comic series called, "Beards". It would of been about a kid who wants to be just like a guy like Topher. The kid mistakes Topher's character as a lumber jack.

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