Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Witches

Alright. As you know I am working with some good friends who are excellent at what they do to create an internet series cartoon show. To help get people into this series as we work on the scripts and designs to make the very first episode (a pilot!) I'm going to upload images of the sketches of the characters for our series Renzetti High.

The show will be about the high school experience as our main group of friends Door-Matt, Bink, and Chris explore their last year at Renzetti High. Bink just transfer to the school, and Door Matt decides that he'll get her to be his girlfriend by the end of the year.

My role on this show will be Series Creator, Character Designer, Animator, and Voice Actor. My Friend Christopher Perkins is our Animator, Sound Expert, and Voice Actor. We are trying to get Jason Luzader to be Writer and Voice Actor. I'm going to try and get a good friend of mine Topher Howden to be a Writer and Voice actor as well.

Alright, so the following few character designs you will see will be solid sketches of the characters who'll populate the show's universe. The first set of characters will all be background and minor characters. I decided to do this as they are the easiest to to design. Trust me, most of the first few will be more stereotyped, and the rest of our cast gets more real and well developed.

Later on after all the characters are approved by the crew, We'll make digital models of the characters, and I'll re-upload these in full finished glory.

Kinkei's name obviously based off the word Kinky, which I always thought sounded like a bad Asian girl name. Because of the name I decided to have her wear something that look like a combination of punk star and school girl. All these girls have at least one facial piercing, her's is a sectom piercing. In a way I believe even though she comes off more playful, and kiddy of the girls, I believe she is the Defacto leader. Mostly because I think her happy outer-appearance is more of a ploy for something much more cynical.

I gave her Fire because of her playful and unpredictable personality.

Christy's name is actually taken from two of my high school friend's names Christy Ward and Caysea Etherton. Just changed Ehterton to Ehterson. I chose Christy's name because it has the word Christ in it, then add a y. Christy looks a lot like the real life Christy, but that's basically where the similarities end. I made her a calm character because the other two girls seem like they are two different extremes, and so Christ works to keep them together.

Christy got the Element of water because of her calm personality.

Lucy's name is based off the fact that if you drop Ason, you get Lucy-Fer... Lucifer. Yea, not the most original of word play. But I got Fugarson from the show Clarissa Explains it all. I made Lucy black because the other two girls were their own race, and I already have an idea of who the 4th member could be. Lucy is short temper, and is the strong of the group. She acts like the muscle and most people are terrified of her.

Because of her strong side I gave her Earth. She can move mountains.

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