Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Zombie Slayer: Penny (The Sequel)

I digitally inked this at around 22 by 34, which was a good and bad thing. It was fantastic when I scaled it down it looks great as you can see below. But it took me a very long time to finish this because of how much strain it put on my computer being such a huge file size.

This took a drastic turn since the last time you saw it below. I changed the face to look even more like Penny. I also took some lazy short cuts with the pile of zombies. I made it all dark wit ha gradient which I feel makes it look better, but mostly because of the strains on my computer, I wanted to finish the piece as soon as possbile. It was the gradient or Jackie Chan Adventure background shading.

The background it self was achieved by me playing around in Photoshop with filters and effect in til I ran into what you see. I like it, its abstract enough for it to be either blood or fire, or a combination of both, which is great for the subject at hand.

This is probably a piece I'll be happy with for a good while, but will want to revisit later on when I get batter the the technique.

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